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Project Objective

“Side by Side” is an advertising campaign that promotes safe cycling on the roads of Edmonton by uniting both motorists and cyclists. The objective set by the creative brief for this project was to leave the audience feeling educated and encouraged to cycle on the local streets. Through research, it was determined that in order for cyclists to feel safe on the roads, education and awareness by motorists was extremely important.

Bus Shelter Poster

Car and Bike Stickers
The Sticker Concept

Our primary way to spread the idea of “Side by Side” directly onto the roads is by using stickers that will be stuck onto the vehicles of those who pass a bike and motorist safety quiz. This will allow for cyclists to feel safer on the roads and it will allow for motorists to be comfortable with sharing the roads.

Hang Tag Installation

Hang Tags Back & Front

Hang Tags, In Context

To further our reach with our target audience, we developed a guerilla advertising campaign to create an installation in a bike and pedestrian heavy location in the city (i.e. the River Valley, Garneau). A few bikes would be set up with a variety of compliments and one liners that the audience is encouraged to take and place around bikes or cars throughout the city.

Website & Quiz

Website, responsive

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