Sourdough Raft Race

Advertising, Copywriting

Project Objective

Festival season in Edmonton is something to look forward to each summer. In its 56th running year, Sourdough Raft Race is an epic and historic summer race full of beer, waterfights, and handmade rafts. We wanted to promote and advertise for this wicked Edmonton gem to get a wider audience to come out and join the festivities.

As we discovered more about the race, we felt even more excited about taking part in it ourselves. Through our own excitement, we decided to target an audience of post-secondary students who also have a love for building, engineering, beer, and competition.

Logo Design

Previous Logo & New Logo

Sourdough Raft Race has deep roots in Edmonton's history and strong ties to the North Saskatchewan River and High Level Bridge. We wanted to give the logo a nice flow and historic tone while also giving it a new sleek look.

Final Advertisements
Posters in Context

Advertisements in University LRT Station

Advertisements in University LRT Station & on LRT

Promotional Event Beers & Social Media


Process Sketches & Behind-the-Scenes

It was really important for us to all share the same vision for Sourdough Raft Race. Many group discussions, sketching, and visual research was involved to ensure that we were all on the same page.

After that was complete, we trekked down onto the North Saskatchewan River and shot the photos we used in the campaign. No injuries occurred!

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